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About TSVC
TSVC is the "crystal ball" of innovative companies

The introduction of a new concept or product takes a lot of effort in time and money. In practice, only 20% of new introductions become a success. At TSVC we are experts in determining which innovations are really promising. For this we use our unique research methods: Battle-N & I-CSI.

TSVC predicts more than you could ever imagine

Our continuous algorithm development ensures that our predictions are accurate and reliable, so that our clients can make sound go/no-go decisions. And because we provide you with the scenario planning tool, you can perform your own “What if?” scenarios.

TSVC is super-fast

TSVC uses reputable research panels both online and off-line and can therefore provide you with any required respondent group. The models, software and algorithms are developed and owned by TSVC, so adjustments can be made quickly. Moreover, we directly manage all of our projects. This enables us to deliver fast and accurate research.

TSVC helps to improve your competitive position

Early in the development process we give you the insight that your innovation will be a success or failure, so you can invest only in innovations with real potential. You save money and time and maximize your profits. And you gain a competitive edge with successful concepts and products. 

TSVC conquers the world

Founded in 2001, TSVC is a Dutch company that conducts research in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Founder Gijsbert den Hertog has more than 25 years of experience in marketing information and consultancy.

Other market research agencies

  • Concept score
  • Brand Fit
  • Price acceptance
  • Improvement proposals
  • Importance product features

What we provide extra

  • Brandswitch score new concepts
  • Market shares and volumes at multiple sales prices
  • Brand value
  • Brandswitch score per competitor and reason why
  • Success/Failure indicators



  • With high reliability and accuracy
  • Volumes and market shares
  • For FMCG and Durables


  • Faster results than you are used to
  • Insights for go / no-go decisions
  • Concrete improvements for a more successful introduction


• Significant cost savings
• Increased speed-to-market
• Stronger competitive position

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