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Since 2001, TSVC has been working on innovations. The introduction of a new concept or product often takes a lot of time, money and effort. TSVC is a proven reliable partner in developing and checking successful innovations. With more than 25 years of experience in marketing innovation consultancy, you are at the right place!

Founder and owner Gijsbert den Hertog

In May 2001 I founded TSVC. Initially as an interim agency  for marketing and  trade  marketing support. During this period we noticed that many innovations in FMCG proved unsuccessful because there was no good insight into the volumes to be achieved and therefore they did not really know what the possible successes and risks were. Research on this existed, but was very expensive and therefore little was considered. We found it especially unsatisfactory that you put an expectation on a retailer, which you had to withdraw one year later with losses on both sides. We wanted to do something about this for our customers. In 2010 we started developing our own models that we could use in our interim activities. So I was able to make my hobby, coming up with software models and solutions for product innovation questions, also my profession.
It was a success! Interim work was no longer done.

All this has resulted in the development of our current tools. From concept creation to concept & product optimization, supplemented by a reliable check on volumes and market shares in the market of today.

At TSVC, we think it is important to help our customers to ultimately make (much) better returns in the field of innovation through unique and well-founded insights. Our ambition lies mainly in the FMCG industry.

We work internationally with the largest internet addresses, suppliers and fieldwork agencies. Our unique research methods, our own software, software development capabilities and experience are the ingredients for tailor-made quality and reliable advice. 

This way we work with you to develop successful introductions!

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