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Customers speak

Senior Market Researcher, FrieslandCampina

TSVC has innovative tools to get a good insight into the potential of new concepts throughout the innovation process. Especially the marketing mix test we often use. The predictions almost always show the promised accuracy. In addition, it is fun to work with the small team of TSVC. Quick, flexible and good recommendations.

Brand Manager, Iglo

We were working on a project we needed a snapshot for. Our biggest question: what are the advantages of TSVC compared to other agencies?

After talking to TSVC, we concluded that there are many benefits to be named.

The doubt was that we were dealing with a business used to look at Nielsen's figures. Would the results of TSVC be equally credible? That is why we have tested the concept both at Nielsen and TSVC.

The results were equivalent in both. The advantage with TSVC was in the detailed data. You really had a lot more insights on which the results were based and you could clearly see what to adjust to improve the product and the volumes. That's really an added value of the TSVC model. We have been able to adapt our plans.

Country manager Benelux, WD40

We wanted insight into how a new concept for a major Dutch and a major German retailer scored in terms of product acceptance and volume at multiple selling prices and put it against the current proposition. What would be the best option for the customer and us? This to support our annual meeting with our customers.
The outcomes and results of the TSVC concept price elasticity research have provided us with many insights that we have been able to use in the sales discussion and the final choice.
The benefits of collaboration with TSVC are: a clear overview with very insightful information and a very fast delivery.

Cluster Leader Sensory New Product Development, FrieslandCampina

Doubt? Well, I did not really have any doubts because we did more research with TSVC before. So I knew what I could expect. They have done more projects for us that were checked back with reality and from there we saw that predictions were always very close to actual sales. What I notice is that TSVC is very strong in thinking with our organization, so if you just want to do something different than the standard then it's very nice to work together, as they often come up with solutions that are just different. I would recommend this to Food / FMCG manufacturers who want to introduce products.

Senior Trade Marketer, Arla

Previously, it was doubtful to what extent the model had a truly predictive value for a completely new product that could not be tasted yet . In retrospect, we can say that it was good. Now some projects later we can conclude that the model has certainly had predictive value. It is very nice that there are quite a lot of recommendations from the model so that you can still customize the product or adjust the expectations. We used the results in particular to make the latest improvements to the concept and communication before we marketed it.