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TSVC Shelf analysis

The market share is known, but how can I improve it?

'It is better to know who is considering your product,
than to know who
is buying your product.'

considering=growth potential!

The buying process of consumers consists of:

Often the result of consumer choices (the market share) is well known...     
(Nielsen/IRI market share - volumes - weighted distribution & GFK gain loss analysis)

But we don't have insight in the choosing process (consider -> choose).
 * Is my product being seen on the shelf?
 * With which other products is my product actually being considered?
 * Why is my product eventually chosen or not?
 * How attractive is my product compared to direct competitors?
 * What are the unconscious choices in this process? Can I influence them?
 * What is the potential disruption?

Our unique TSVC shelf analysis helps you optimize the success of your product range!

The shelf analysis can be used for innovations before introduction, for newly introduced products and products that are already on the market for some time.

Interesting for marketing and trade-marketing.

The TSVC shelf analysis is further explained in the following video:

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